Winter Storms


Winter Storms

Shreveport, Lake Charles, and New Orleans

Response Time

12 Hours


Potable Water


During the week of February 8-15, a cold front crossed the region and ushered in cold air from the Arctic followed by two winter storms. The combination of the record cold and winter storms left power outages and water shortages across much of Louisiana, and roads impassable across many locations until Friday, February 19th. Trinity Emergency Services worked quickly to provide potable water to hospitals and dialysis centers throughout Louisiana.
Hospitals / Dialysis Centers Served
Lake Charles Memorial
Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Women
CHRISTUS Ochsner St. Patrick Hospital
CHRISTUS Ochsner Lake Area Hospital
CHRISTUS Ochsner Health Center – Tybee Lane
Archer Institute of Memorial Lake Charles
CHRISTUS Ochsner Southwest Louisiana Imaging
DeVita Dialysis Clinic Lake Charles
DeVita Dialysis Clinic Deridder